Shrikhand — A Thousand Years Old Recipe

Nidhi Acharya
2 min readSep 18, 2019


Shrikhand word comes from Sanskrit word “Shikhrini”. According to the tales the dish comes from the Mahabharata Kal where the Pandav Bhim used to cook it and it is named after the God Shri Krishna. If we dig down the history there are some more reference where Peshwa Bajirao is also very fond of this sweet dish.

Shrikhand is a traditional Indian sweet made with hung curd and also flavored with saffron, cardamom, or with other flavor.

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Shrikhand is a traditional Indian sweet from the western Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and some part of Madhya Pradesh. In Maharasthrian and Gujarati weddings Shrikhand serve as dessert. You can also see Shrikhand being served as part of sweet dish in restaurants.

Shrikhand is a healthy, less expensive and take less time to cook which make Shrikhand to serve in party and other occasions.

Shrikhand is made from hung curd which is also known as “Chakka — Strained yogurt in India and Pakistan”.

The process of preparing Chakka or hung curd at home with fresh curd is very simple, you only need kitchen cotton towel for draining the water from curd. You can appetizing your Shrikhand with fruit flavors, just add the puree or pulp of fruits to blend or mix with the hung curd. In Hindi it is called “Fetna”.

If hung curd is already prepared, it is just takes around 15 minutes to prepare Shrikhand.

Making of Shrikhand:

Yield: 3–4 persons


1liter fresh curd, 400gm sugar or sugar powder (add as per taste), 1tbsp cardamom powder (choti green Elaichi), 2 pinch saffron (Kesar) for flavor and coloring, 1/2 tbsp. of warm milk. 7 to 8 chopped and crushed pista for garnishing (you can take any dry fruit according to your choice).


1. Tie the yogurt in a piece of cotton cloth and hung it for overnight over a bowl, in a refrigerator to drain the water from curd. On next day the curd water will be drained and Chakka is ready. You can also use this nutrition curd of water in your regular preparing food like chapatti, gravies, rice, and dishes etc.

2. Now take Chakka into bowl and add 400gm or as per your taste sugar and blend it well.

3. Take ½ tbsp. warm milk in a small bowl, add 2 pinch saffron (kesar) stir and keep aside. Take 1tbsp crush cardamom keep aside.

4. Add saffron dissolved milk and crushed cardamom into Chakka and blend till smooth. The addition of saffron and cardamom combination gives beautiful color and gratifying fragrance into Shrikhand.

5. Chill the Shrikhand in fridge and later serve, while serving Shrikhand, Toping with sliced or puree of fresh favorite fruits. Garnish with some favorite crushed dry fruits or chopped pista.

Nutrition Info

Calories: 648 kcal

Carbohydrates: 32.6gm

Protein: 34gm

Fat: 46.8gm

Others: 0